Air Source Heating in North Yorkshire

We’re all doing our part to live more sustainably. Maybe you’re using less plastic, recycling more or driving a hybrid. And, with gas boilers banned in new homes from 2025, it’s time to make a positive change within your home. By making the switch to heat pump technology, you’ll enjoy a warm home and save money, all while reducing your carbon emissions. Daikin heat pumps operate almost silently, with their sleek, modern design making them the perfect fit for any home.

Looking for air source heating in Hambleton, York or North Yorkshire? Contact James Walker HPR today to start your journey to a greener future. 


Eco friendly heat from just the outside air

By extracting renewable energy from the air, our air-to-water heat pumps provide sustainable heating, cooling and hot water in your home


Easy to connect

Daikin heat pumps are ideal for renovations, and the replacement of your outdated boiler. Their compact design requires minimum installation space, working perfectly with your existing pipes and heating system. You can gain all the energy efficiency of a heat pump, without the entire system update


Installed with care

James Walker HPR is regulated by the renewable energy consumer code. This means every installation is done to the highest standards

What does it cost?

The upfront cost of a heat pumps is more expensive than installing a traditional gas boiler. However, once they’re installed by a professional in a well-insulated home, your energy consumption drops considerably.

There’s no simple way to calculate the exact price installing a heat pump without a professional knowing more about your home. Your building’s construction, your home’s energy efficiency, and even your preferences about how warm you like your home to be all affect price, along with additional considerations such as comfort cooling and how much hot water you need for baths and showers.

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